Tina Chandler

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Professional international female body builder sporting her buff ripped with her tight dress. Tina Chandler has short blonde hair, big ripped upper body and legs, and she is wearing tight small black dress, and underneath is a black panty, and attached on her dress is a big oblong shaped stone, and she also wears black high heels. She is at a place where a piano is being displayed. She leans her ass on the piano and her hand in on the piano, while spreading her huge muscular legs a little bit. Her body is covered with oil to make her muscle stand out.

Renee West

Brunette body builder working out her fit body at the pole gym. Renee west has sexy slim waist, lean arms and big thighs and legs, and a sexy round ass. She is wearing light blue bra and panties with black straps, with her nails painter in neon green. Renee has a tramp stamp tattoo and small tattoo on her left wrist. She is at the gym and she is working on the pole she turns around, showing off her sexy back and her round ass, while her both hand hold on to the pole. She turns her head to face the camera.

Aleesha Young

Body building champion showing off her ripped body and her sexy clothes inside the restroom. Aleesha Young is a blonde body builder with huge ripped muscles all over her body, and gorgeous six pack abs. This female body builder has huge breast. She is wearing a white see thru sports bra with a star in the middle to cover her nipples, and she also wearing silver thong and silver high heels. She is a at small cubicle, resting her left hand on the walls white raising her right hand and flexing her arm to show off her huge ripped muscles on her bicep.

Laurie Richeys

Female bodybuilder enthusiast showing off her beautiful shape. Laurie Richeys is a professional body builder with sexy abs, small abs, and hard muscles on her arms and legs. She is wearing a black tube bra and black panties, and white high heels, and her finger nails are painted in white. She also has a silver bracelet and silver wrist watch. Her dark hair is covering her left eye. Laurie is standing just outside her door, wearing only her black bikini, and raises her arms showing her flaps and her hard muscles on her biceps. She proudly sports her shape in front of the camera.

Betty Atkins

Pro international body builder modeling her muscular body at the parking area. Betty Atkins is an attractive female bodybuilder with sexy six pack abs, broad shoulders and big flaps. This lady has long straight brown hair and long finger nails that is painted in white. Betty is wearing black leather bikini with studs, black high heels, and lots off bracelets on her wrist. She is standing at a parking area only wearing her bikini, and putting her hand on her sexy waist and she models her gorgeous muscled body. She is wearing light make up and pink lipstick on her lips.

Myriam Bustamonte

IFBB pro flexing her arm while at the parking area and showing off her ripped body muscles. Myriam Bustamonte is pro female bodybuilder, with big buff upper body and thick thighs and legs. She is wearing a sexy white two piece bikini and dangling earrings, and her long finger nails have white nails polish. She also wears black eyeliner and pink lipstick. She is at a parking area on a bright sunny day, and doing her pose. She puts her hand on top of each other to expose her muscles on her shoulder and on her biceps, as well as her abs.

Silvia Matta

Italian FBB with blonde hair, showing off her flaps and her thick and muscular thighs. Silvia Matta has fair skin, with big and buff upper body, and muscular legs. She is wearing a see thru clothes and underneath it is a sexy two piece black bikini. She stands outside a building bare footed. Silvia Matta puts her knuckles on her sexy waist and spreads her elbows, exposing her big flaps and her big shoulders. She tips her toes to reveal her muscles on her legs. Behind her is huge building wall and on the wall is a small green plant.

Shay Massey

Blonde female fitness model exhibiting her sexy fit body at a museum. Shay Massey is a short haired blonde with toned abs, and sexy fix legs and arms, and round ass. She has a tattoo on her right shoulder. She is wearing a black bra and sexy black panties. Shay Massey is at a museum, and standing bare footed and only wearing her black under wears. She makes a pose, placing her arm in front of her body and her hand on top of each other, and step her right leg in front while her left foot is behind and lift her chin.

Christine Sabo

IFBB professional bodybuilder modeling her ripped muscular body. Christine Sabo has short blonde hair, and she has big muscles on her shoulder and on arm and legs. She is wearing a tiny bra and thong, and black high heels. She has a tattoo on her left ankle. Her whole body is covered with oil to make her body shinny and her muscles to stand out. She stands still at a parking area, bending her body to her right while facing and staring straight at the camera. The floor on the parking area is all wet while the road outside is all dry.

Tram Nguyen


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Female bodybuilding competitor wearing her sexy red bikini while modeling her muscular body. Tram Nguyen has big shoulders, muscular arms, and thick muscular thighs and legs. She is wearing a tiny two piece red bikini, and white bracelets on her both wrist. She has a small tattoo on her waist line just below her sexy toned abs. Tram has make up on her eyes and wears pink lipstick. She stand bare footed on the grass, placing her knuckles on her sexy small waist exposing her big flaps and her big muscular shoulders. Her muscular body is covered with oil.